Education is compulsory in France from the ages of 3 to 16 and followed by a training until 18. Some children go to a preschool earlier (2 years old). Some information about the organisation of the education system and of its structure in english.

  • To enroll your child in primary schools (6-10 years),  you must contact the town hall.
  • To enroll your child in lower secundary schools (« collège »), your have to contact the educational district’s administrative head, the rectorat
  • About higher education application, the Campus France agency gives all useful informations to foreign students.

Guidance centers « Les Centres d’information et d’orientation (CIO) » are spread in all French territory, and services are available to answer to all questions about guidance and studies in France.

« Schooling explained for parents » is a video series from Onisep.
The series is intended for every parent and describes, in a clear and concise way, how Schooling is organized in France, its roles and responsibilities, and the different stages in schooling from kindergarten through to higher education.

4 videos, available on 11 languages (French, English,  Arabic, Armenian, Bambara, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Tamil, Turkish, Ukrainian) about French educational system you can look at on the Onisep’s website or download.

  • The role of school in France link
  • Going to school, organisation of primary schools link
  • Middle school, sixth form and beyond link
  • Oganisation of life at school link

The ONISEP (Office National d’Information sur les Enseignements et les Professions – National Office for Information on Education and Occupations) has three main tasks: collection, archiving and distribution of information about career guidance and occupations in France.

Basic information on France

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