Internships in France are law regulated. To find more information in our website (in French).

Internships must be based on a contract signed by the intern, the hosting company and the school/university. If the internship lasts more thant 2 month, the intern must receive a bonus (around 430€ by month for 35 hours per week).

If you are not a national from an EU country, you will have to apply for a temporary resident card which indicates that you are an intern (“stagiaire”). No such document is required for nationals from EU countries or Switzerland.

To get a placement in the France you need to apply in the same way you would for a job, which means you need to have a CV and an application letter. Basic written and spoken French language skills are still necessary.

For additional details related to administrative procedures, for example visa applications for young people from third countries, see the webpage (in french) :

Some websites where you can find information on internship in France and “stage” offers: