Some useful website :

Information in the Ministry of foreign affairs website :

General Directory of French language accredited centers in France

Alliance Française schools : non profit organisations established under local laws

Diplomas and Tests for French as foreign language translated in english, spanish, deutsch, italian, russe, arabic on France Education international website.

Short courses, cultural and linguistic stays : to find  labelled programs, with descriptions of the levels and length of training that they offer. « FLE Qualité » programs are found all over France on Campus France

Distance learning : The National Centre for Distance Learning (Centre National d’Enseignement à Distance, CNED) is a public body under the auspices of the Ministry of National Education, and the leading distance learning operator in Europe and the world.

A national map produced by the Carif-Oref network (RCO) for the Directorate for Integration, Reception and Nationality (DIAN) of the Ministry of the Interior, which enables newcomers and refugees to find training courses to improve their level of French

Useful websites to learn French on your own :