The network  EUROGUIDANCE-labour is composed of two resource centres :



The CARIF Gentiane ( ) provides information to practitioners on the continuing vocational  training opportunities in France and in Europe, the legal framework of continuous education in France and on the  « validation des acquis de l’expérience » system ( VKE, validation of knowledge acquired through experience) and advise those practitioners on in implementation of European mobility programmes.
The CARIF-GENTIANE is member of the network  CARIF-OREF ( ) delivering information on vocational training in each of the 26 French regions.
Centre INFFO is a non-profit- organisation, under the aegis of the Ministry of Employment, Labour and social Cohesion. A resource centre for processing and disseminating information in France. Its role is to devise and set up development programmes for information, documentation and studies in the field of continuing vocational training. Centre INFFO maintains special relationships with the State, employers and trade union organisations, and training professionals. It lies at the centre of France’s information networks on continuing vocational education and training, involving key players and decision-markers and is member of a number of European networks.
Among a wide range of activities, the Centre-Inffo :
·          co-ordinates information and documentation on continuing vocational education and training,
·          edits and publishes databases on information documents, regional policies, professional branches agreements
·          provides information sheets on the vocational training systems of the different EU countries
·          designs and edits an information leaflet on the portal PLOTEUS
·          edits a poster on the European programmes focussing on mobility issues


The CARIF Gentiane, information centre on vocational training in the Auvergne Region and the Centre Inffo